Lunker Dunker baits are made in Waterloo, Iowa.  That's right, made in the U.S.A. 

  I started making my own jigs over 15 years ago by modifying jigs I already liked.  At the time I was fishing tournaments on Lake Mead, Lake Mojave and Lake Havasu in the Nevada, California and Arizona region.  Since those days I've started Lunker Dunker Baits.  Now I make my own jigs from the core out.  The best hook, paint, clear coat, skirts, brass collar wraps and rattles go into every jig Lunker Dunker builds.  Never any shortcuts and never any sub par components. 

  Years ago Garry Harbour, owner of then Total Quality Manufacturing "TQM", took me out on Lake Mead and showed me how to truly fish a jig.  This eye opening experience took my jig fishing to a new level.  I started catching more fish, in more places then I'd ever fished before.  Attention to detail in the rod, reel, line and ultimately the bait made every difference between a one jig fish day and filling the livewell with jig fish.  I soon found myself on the TQM Pro Staff and fishing hand made custom jigs made exactly the way I wanted them; not made how someone else thought they should look, how I knew they'd WORK.  Once again my jig fishing elevated to levels I'd never thought possible. 

  During this time I was developing a friendship with Mike VanNatta, a Las Vegas native that makes his own baits and rods.  Mike and I quickly became close friends both on the tournament circuit and off.  Mike taught me how attention to detail in areas most never even thought of is vital to obtaining better results from your baits.  Both his fishing rods and baits show precision, accuracy and a love of his craft that is unparalleled.  If you've ever fished his Original Four Eyed Spinnerbait, you know what I'm talking about.  These lessons were one day going to transform into the creation of Lunker Dunker Baits.     

  I've taken the love of jig fishing and the art of meticulous bait manufacturing and blended them into what I call a Lunker Dunker Jig.  I've added some tricks of the fly tying trade, trout fishing techniques and a few things I won't divulge, and blended them into my jigs as well.  The finished product has over 60 years of tournament fishing, bait manufacturing, fun fishing, bait research and fish stories molded into what I call a Lunker Dunker Jig.

  When you tie on a Lunker Dunker there's no doubt you're using the best jig on the water. 

  Every bait maker needs data to improve on things others may think need improving or tweaking.  I'd like to introduce a few men on the Lunker Dunker Pro Staff. 

   Morgan Boyd "Me" - Owner and the guy who makes that jig, craw or tube you're using to cash in on.  I've won my share of tournaments and Angler of the Year honors.  There's no place I'd rather be than on the water flipping a jig in a brush pile or rock bed.  My theory is I work hard and I work a lot, but when it's time to do my thing, I want the best bait at the end of my line so I can enjoy my time to the fullest.  If you ever want to know what I used to catch them on, walk over and ask.  I won't just tell you the truth, I'll show you. 

  Erin Gilger - President of Operations - Fine tuning this business to make sure you get the best jig as fast as possible and as simple as possible.  

   Mike VanNatta - Quality control, core materials, marketing and best practice adviser.  Mike has won many tournaments and Angler of the Year honors and as stated, makes his own baits and rods.  

  Pat McCool - Team BASS partner and long time angler.  If Pat's not at work, he's on the water and what better Pro Staffer than that!  Pat is a long time friend who is honest to the core and will let us know when the product in R&D does or does not work.  Welcome to Team Lunker Dunker Pat!

  Bob Vaughn - Bob is an avid plastic bait bass angler who strives on patient and slowed downed fishing.  Bob is helping Team Lunker Dunker test and improve our Big Juicy line up and make things better.  Welcome to Team Lunker Dunker Bob! 

  Team Lunker Dunker will be on the water somewhere near you.  We are an open group of guys who love to share information, Lunker Dunker \ Big Juicy or not, and are excited to see you on the water or at the dock.  When you see a Team Lunker Dunker jersey know we'd love to hear from you.  Come over and share a story, maybe even ask for a free sample! 


  I personally want to welcome you to Lunker Dunker Baits and Big Juicy Baits.   Be safe everyone!  


                                                                                                                           Tight Lines,