Question:  I'm having trouble seeing the web page properly, what's up?   

Answer:  Make sure your browser is upgraded to the latest version.  For example, Windows XP can only upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 and the website does not fully load properly on IE8.  In this case I recommend downloading Chrome browser by Google.  ONLY DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE'S OWN WEBSITE to avoid any unwanted leach programs.  You don't need their toolbar or anyone else's toolbar, just the browser Chrome on Windows XP machines. 

Question:  Can I get any color I want in either an Arkie Head or Football head?   

Answer:  Yes you can.  When you click on the shop tab you'll see all the jigs and colors listed in alphabetical order.  Click on your jig and it's page will appear.  Then click on select size and all your options will appear.  There are different sizes and weights listed for you to choose from.   By the way, from this screen you can click on the jig again and see a full page high definition photo of your jig!   

Question:  What sizes are available? 

Answer:  Arkie Heads are in 3/8 ONLY.  Football Heads are in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes.  All Lunker Dunker jigs have weedguards unless you call me and special order a weed guard free jig.  The weed guard free heads take a few days to stock.  I am planning on getting some of the most popular sizes on hand, but so far they take a couple days. 

Question:  Why are Arkie Heads only available in 3/8 sizes and will you ever get different sizes in Arkie Heads? 

Answer:  Arkie head are in 3/8 oz. only because that is the most requested size.  I do plan on getting 1/2 oz. Arkies in the future but not just yet.  The simple reason is stock costs a lot.  In order to actual make, and not lose money, I have to buy product in bulk.  Bulk costs a lot.  Lunker Dunker currently stocks nearly 2000 heads and I have to draw the line somewhere.  Once we get going with the website to a broader audience I will certainly entertain going with having 1/2 oz. Arkie heads on hand.   

Question:  What's with the ordering prices?   

Answer:  Update!  Lunker Dunkers are now listed as $4.50 a piece.  It was causing too much confusion listing them as $4.75 a piece or two for $9.  Lunker Dunkers still come two jigs per pack for the same color jig, but if you order a single jig or one jig in a certain color, it will come in a package by itself and will cost $4.50.  Unless it's a specialty jig, those cost $5 a piece.  I never put two jigs of different colors in the same bag.

Question:  We saw and heard Lunker Dunker was going to have swim jig soon, when will that be?

Answer:  Lunker Dunker will have swim jigs available by this fall.  Hopefully by August 2013!   

Question:  If I pitch a Lunker Dunker into my favorite log pile and massive Lunker rips my rod and reel into the water will Lunker Dunker replace my rod and reel? 

Answer:  No, but we'd love to hear about it and we'd post it on the Lets Talk / "Fishing Stories" page!