All jigs are not created equally.  What goes into your jig is exactly the performance and endurance you'll get out of it. 

  Every Lunker Dunker jig is hand tied with 100% copper wire.  A double skirt wrap and double skirt knot are used to ensure your skirts don't slide and get out of place.  That means every single jig goes on my bench and is hand crafted, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  Hooks - Every angler knows that a high quality hook is a must in a top end jig.  Lunker Dunker uses Extra Wide Gap Gamakatsu (football heads) and 4/0 Mustad Ultrapoint Flateyed (Arkie heads) hooks.  Only time proven hooks mold into LD Jigs; we leave the over priced fads for the marketing firms and soon to be clearance shelves at box stores.

  Head Design - We keep it simple at Lunker Dunker.  While we're always testing new, and sometimes old, designs in jig heads, we use time and tournament proven head designs.  We're not going to reinvent the wheel, simple design works.

  Paint - Powder coated heads with a soft glossy finish is how LD jigs are made.  Powder coating is tough and resilient and we find it the best way to paint our jigs for presentation and longevity.  There is no paint available that won't chip or nick up when fished in rocks and woodpiles.  So if your jig has a nick or chip in it after a day of fishing, good for you, keep doing what you're doing, that's where Lunkers live!

 Improved Arkie Heads - For flipping and pitching into cover.  The improved head puts the lead up around the the eye of the hook.  This helps the jig hang up less and also prevents braids from coming out the small opening of the eye as it's encased in lead and paint.

  Swim Heads - The slim head design along with the grooved sides, thanks to arrangements with N2Bass, make for an awesome swim jig. The grooved head displaces a little extra water for that extra vibration while being popped over weed beds or ripped through cover. 

  Football Heads -  This was made very popular out west and is steadily growing in popularity in the Mid West and East coast.  The football head sinks fast and gets down to pay dirt quickly.  In fast moving current and around rock and large cover the football head is a great choice for your jig.